Devops Assessment

The outcome of your assessment will be a DevOps Score, which maps to the DevOps maturity model. It will identify the areas of improvement. It will compare where your organisation stands with respect to the industry benchmarks.

What is your industry focus ?

1. Are your requirements gathered and stored in ALM tool?

2. How long has your company been practicing the agile methodology?

3. Do you have a Software Configuration Management (SCM) tool in place?

4. Self-service build or nightly build

5. Dependencies are managed in a repository

6. Build environments based on VMs

7. Automatic unit testing with every build

8. Automated functional testing

9. Integrated management and maintenance of the test data

10. Automated performance & security tests in target environments

11. Fully scripted deployments

12. Auto deploy to first test environment

13. Standard deployments across all environments

14. Automated deployments after tests pass

15. Trend reports are automatically generated from build server events and send status to all team members

16. Automated Infrastructure monitoring

17. Stakeholders have dashboards with real-time product and dependency stats



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