Press Augusta HiTech’s Pharmacy Blockchain Solution Save Lives and Up to $317 Billion Yearly in the U.S.

ScriptAssist Pharmacy Developed to Assist Patients Whose Lives Depend on Strict Medication Compliance and Sophisticated Drug Regimen

Press Why Your Next Startup Should Focus on Healthcare - Karthik Pichai

The healthcare job market is experiencing a boom. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare employment numbers jumped by 42,000 in January...

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Technology’s impact on line of business can’t be undersold.

Press Global Blockchain Testing Service Market 2019-2025 Witnessing Robust Growth with CAGR of +15% by Demanding Players: Cigniti, IBM, Augusta HiTech, Microsoft, TestFort, QualiTest

How Blockchain Testing Service Market 2019-2025 Exploring Its Growth with Latest technology and Future Scope by Top Campanies

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Technology has helped our world achieve convenience and connectivity. However, these innovations have also cultivated a lack of another C-word: confidence.

Press Global Blockchain Testing Service Market Size, Status And Forecast 2019-2025

A Blockchain is expected to do two things – gather and order data into Blocks, and then Chain them together securely using cryptography.

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Business history is littered with remnants of established companies whose one small misstep put them behind some startup and forced them to play a pointless game of catch up.

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If it feels like you hear a lot about business disruption, that’s because you probably do. Disruption is a hot topic, and the conversation doesn’t look like the chatter will die down anytime soon.

Press Steve Harvey World Group Taps Augusta HiTech to Create Their New Digital Transformation Platform

Media mogul, Steve Harvey contacted Augusta HiTech to consult with their Innovation Team for Steve Harvey World Group (SHWG), media conglomerate...

Press Augusta HiTech Deploys the First Cannabis Seed-to-Sale Blockchain (Supply Chain) Solution

Augusta HiTech has partnered with 420 Blockchain to build and develop the first cannabis seed-to-sale blockchain (supply chain) solution...

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Michael Kramer believes blockchains could prevent looping while taking the burden of memorizing everyone’s IDs off budtenders. Kramer is CEO...

Press Digital consulting firms emerge as partner segment

He cited two IBM partners that are working with customers on digital transformation projects: Augusta Hitech and ClearObject Inc...