Augusta HiTech Deploys the First Cannabis Seed-to-Sale Blockchain (Supply Chain) Solution Background Image

Augusta HiTech Deploys the First Cannabis Seed-to-Sale Blockchain (Supply Chain) Solution

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Published Thu January 4, 2018, 12:00 AM EST

Augusta HiTech has partnered with 420 Blockchain to build and develop the first cannabis seed-to-sale blockchain (supply chain) solution. In December, 2017, the beta was successfully deployed in the states of Maine and California. 420 Blockchain was built on Augusta’s framework and Google infrastructure. Augusta is driving data insights through Artificial Intelligence and has chosen to use Google Cloud Services. 420 Blockchain was developed by Augusta to provide a centralized and standardized foundation for the cannabis industry and comprehensive visibility across the entire transaction lifecycle. This includes seed-to-sale traceability, security, transparency, compliance, education, research, marketing, and payment solutions. State and Local governments will have access to the 420 Blockchain Hyperledger to audit all connecting entities for taxation and compliance while providing the government with the tools to ensure public safety. The open API Economy allows partners to participate in the creation and growth of industry standards. 420 Blockchain will be the largest public blockchain in the United States.

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