What is Augusta HiTech’s ADA Solution?

Augusta HiTech’s ADA Solution engages the student in real-time. The lecture is converted from speech-to-text on the fly. The application allows students to ask questions, make comments and most importantly, collaborate in the classroom. We have added unique features to enhance the classroom experience.

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What is ADA?

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides protection for persons with disabilities from being discriminated based on their disability.

ADA in Education and Problems

Most of the Universities and Colleges fail to meet ADA guidelines in education. Commonly faced problems by Universities and Colleges are:

  • Manual transcription takes more time
  • Transcript cost is high
  • Students learning is directly proportional to interpreter’s vocabulary and technical knowledge
  • Existing audio or video files are not being converted to text content
  • Course materials are not supporting multiple languages
  • Supporting differently abled students takes more time for professors

ADA Non-Compliance

Monetary damages and civil penalties:

  • First violation of Title III rises from $55,000 - $75,000
  • The maximum civil penalty for a second violation rises from $110,000 - $150,000


For Professor

  • Easy way to upload audio or video and course
  • Automatically transcript the audio and video
  • Smart LIVE feature to take class and transcript text on the fly
  • Easy way to modify the transcribed contents
  • Interacting to students easily with advanced chat
  • Classroom analytics

For Student

  • Smart mobile app simplifies students learning
  • Easily enroll the course and classes
  • Play audio/video with captions
  • Download the text materials/audio/video
  • Ask questions and clarify with professors instantly
  • Multiple language support for course materials


Features Comparison

Features ADA Lite ADA Full
Speech to Text
Video Player with Captions
Video to Transript Text
Modify Transcripted Text
Download Videos
Upload Video Files
Upload Audio Files
Audio to Transcript Text
Classroom Analytics
Professor Dashboard and Course Management
Student Mobile App for IOS
Student Mobile App for Android
Chat Module for Student and Professor Collaboration
Real-time Language Translation


ADA Lite

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ADA Full

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Monthly Subscription


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