Technologies and tools applied:

Information Technology is the leading driving force in today’s economy and culture. This is a Global Epidemic. Software applications are getting smarter and making big changes to everyone’s lives. With the ever changing technology, there becomes new risks and obstacles. New operating systems for mobility, security and data threats, infrastructure, data storage and delivery to global users. Our team highly experienced team of expert can help provide a software solution that is both scalable and modular… Most of all extraordinary.

Our Process

We create a Business Requirement Document BRD, followed by a Software Requirements Solutions document SRS by the project manager and business analysis, functional wireframe/prototype with JustinMind (I am using it now). Next, our UX/UI team designs the users experience, simultaneously our data architects, api team, and infrastructure team starts. Our application engineers will create the product. Testing, QA and Deployment.

Application Testing

Nothing is more embarrassing than presenting your product and it does not work for the end user. It’s frustrating… Application testing is as mission critical as the business application itself. We use TFS with our clients to encourage testing feedback, while we are testing with our QA team.

Testing Tools: Selenium, QTP, Grinder, Rational Robot, Load Runner, Silk Performer

Application Deployment

Our experts will strategize and configure the technology stack on IBM SoftLayer, Windows Azure, Amazon, and Google Cloud. Our strategy is focused on resource manage, security, monthly charges, speed, optimization and scalability for the global environment. Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Dedicated, HIPAA & FDA compliant.

Application Support

We provide managed service support for IBM Bluemix, hosting 24/7 support for Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and Dedicated on or off premises. Application support for system updates, mobile updates, and technology enhancements.