Augusta HiTech possesses rich expertise in Security Testing of enterprise applications, catering to diversified business needs.

Our web application security testing uncovers vulnerabilities in applications and ensures the application risks are minimized.

Augusta has built up a repository of security test cases and developed capabilities using both open source security testing tools.

We offer an in-depth automated and manual security assessment & code review service to highlight security vulnerabilities in software applications.

Security Testing

  • Gartner reports that 75% of breaches are caused by security flaws in application software.
  • According to NIST, 92% of vulnerabilities are in applications software.
  • Recent attacks on tech heavyweights indicate that the traditional security approach is simply not working. Every thriving business is concerned and wants to improve their security infrastructure.

Augusta Security Automation Framework


Static Application
Security Testing

Dynamic Application
Security Testing

Mobile Application
Security Testing

Augusta Security Testing Approach

Key Deliverables

Security Automation Framework

    Application Security Strategy plan Security test plan Captured web session Integrate with automated functional test scripts if exists session files and baseline report Security test execution report Recommendation Report Vulnerabilities report Integration Automation in DevOps Training
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