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Testing as a Service (Taas)

Enterprises around the world are being forced to cope with growing IT complexity across all industries. Whether its retailers releasing new features on their website to drive revenue or health care providers taking moving data to the cloud, enterprises can’t afford to take a reactive approach to their digital presence. Augusta Testing gives companies the agile, self-service access needed to rapidly create exact, self-contained application environments in minutes, increasing their speed of innovation without breaking their wallet.



The 4 Core Tenants of Augusta’s TaaS

  • Reliability

    100% Referenceable Customers

    Flexible - Right Size Co

    Process Quality, CMMI, ISO

    6 Year Track Record

  • Security

    IP Production measures to ensure your product safetly

    Contracts at employee and contract level to ensure adherence

    Thorough Planning for knowledge Management & Risk Mitigation

  • Industry Leading Methodologies

    Iteractive and Agile Development

    HIPAA & FDA Software Development experience

    Rapid understanding of user requirements

    (Class II,III 510(K))

  • World Class Capability

    Develop mission critical applications

    Web Application ,Mobility & architecture design services

    Domain Consultants & advisors

    99% Customer Satisfaction

Testing Services Suite

LoadLoad VolumeVolume StressStress ReliabilityReliability DatabaseDatabase
FunctionalFunctional IntegrationIntegration RegressionRegression CompabilityCompability

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