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IBM Watson Health

Augusta's New Partnership to deliver Cognitive solutions for Health Care

It’s time to transform health with new ways of working to improve approaches to care, productivity and well-being. Augusta’s expertise in Watson Health can help drive more informed decision-making. With cognitive computing, we can see and analyze more data than ever before – and achieve more than we ever thought possible.

Solutions that Empower All

From healthcare providers to researchers, nutritionists to social program administrators, if you’re working to improve health and well-being, Augusta’s Watson Health team can help you.

We provide solutions to help clinicians take better care of their patients, government program leaders care for their clients, and consumers take better care of themselves.


Augusta’s IBM Watson Health team can help clinicians improve care along the healthcare spectrum -- from proactive and preventive interventions to the ongoing treatment of chronic conditions, to high-touch and multidisciplinary team care. By arming experts with new insights from a wide array of health-related data, we are working to advance the care clinicians provide to patients and the confidence experienced by providers.


The measure of an individual’s overall health and well-being goes beyond medical conditions. In fact, almost 75% of a person’s health status is affected by their social context such as employment status, access to shelter, education, family support services, and more. To achieve better and more sustainable outcomes, Augusta’s Watson Health team enables health and human services professionals to access and use data related to these external factors. This can help transform current systems of care by providing a holistic view of their clients’ health and well-being.


Science is saturated with data. Watson Health solutions can harness this information to enhance patient care and help accelerate scientific breakthroughs. By making connections that may not have been previously considered, Watson can generate new insights that expedite the process of matching subjects to clinical studies, identify promising targets for research, and encourage discovery.



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