Technologies of the 90’s and 2000’s eased cross-enterprise integration, but those approaches required each party to implement their own process logic and maintain their own transaction data. The need to reconcile logic and data across enterprises made B2B integrations costly to implement and operate.

Blockchain technology is typically associated with financial asset trading, but we see a much larger opportunity. Blockchain technology can be used to strip away the complexity of legacy business integration models used in many processes. Blockchain disrupts the complex and time-consuming process of business-to-business transactions with an alternative that’s transparent, verifiable, and tamper-proof.

10% of the Global GDP will be stored in Blockchain technology by 2027 $176 Billion business value-add of Blockchain by 2025

The Blockchain era is just at its beginning but most Fortune 500 companies have already prepared for the Block chain disruption to come. Blockchain has become most famous as the technology behind Bitcoin cryptocurrency, but Blockchain has many other applications, too.

This technology can help to address many challenges of the enterprise boundary, such as:

The benefits for today’s businesses include:

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