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Augusta is a blockchain technology company, focused on building innovative products using blockchain, AI, Blockchain Testing as a Service and smart contracts.

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Press Augusta HiTech’s Pharmacy Blockchain Solution Save Lives and Up to $317 Billion Yearly in the U.S.

ScriptAssist Pharmacy Developed to Assist Patients Whose Lives Depend on Strict Medication Compliance and Sophisticated Drug Regimen

Press Why Your Next Startup Should Focus on Healthcare

The healthcare job market is experiencing a boom. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare employment numbers jumped by 42,000 in January...

Press 4 Ways CEOs Can Prioritize Both Line of Business and Innovation

Technology’s impact on line of business can’t be undersold.

Case Studies

One Med Chart | Blockchain Powered EMR Platform

One Med Chart with Augusta HiTechs Innovation as a Service Team has created an EMR Platform powered by AH Smart Hyperledger Blockchain - Allowing Patients to Share Records ...

ScriptAssist Pharmacy | Pharmacy Blockchain Solution

Augusta Developed a Blockchain-based Medication Management System to assist patients whose lives depend on strict medication compliance and a sophisticated drug regimen.

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