• Augusta HiTech delivers high quality software testing services.
  • Our testers have are highly experienced in functional testing of web applications.
  • We offer an in-depth automated web application testing to ensure a robust web application.
  • 5+ Years of Experience

  • Over 20+
    Web Test Engagement

  • 15+ Automation Engineer

Functional Testing

  • Web application is developed to satisfy certain functional requirements that can be business, technical or process based ones
  • Using web app users aim to successfully complete the tasks they need to perform. In case if web application isn’t running as expected and something is going wrong with app’s behavior the functional problems arise and need to be solved.
  • To prevent such issues web application should be tested before it gets into customers’ hands.

Functional Automation Framework

Augusta Web Application Testing Services

Functional Testing

Automated Functional Testing
System Component Testing
Code Testing.

Compatibility Testing

HardWare Compatibility Testing.
Operating System Compatibility Testing
Network Compatibility Testing

Usability Testing

User Interface Testing
User Experience Testing
Graphical User Interface Testing

Augusta Web Application Testing Approach

Functional Automation Framework

    Automation Strategy plan Automation Test Plan Test Cases, if not exists Test Data Management Automation Scripts Integration with Version Control Automated Test Case Build Integration Automation in DevOps Bug Management tool integration
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