Augusta HiTech has built a dedicated Performance Engineering practice that focuses on providing solutions around performance engineering and testing for our clients and partners.

Augusta HiTech leverages its performance engineering services to develop software products and applications that perform optimally in normal as well as extreme load conditions. This reduces the number of failures related to performance and availability. We offer performance engineering services across a wide range of verticals and applications based on client server, Web technologies, Web services and ERP.

Our thought process focuses on performing in-depth analysis at the component level, dynamic profiling, & capacity evaluation in addition to testing and reporting helping isolate bottlenecks and provide appropriate recommendations.

Strong focus on independent, objective and unbiased analysis

Our detailed and easy to understand documentation of test results help the stakeholders understand real application behavior.

  • 2+ Years of Experience

  • Over 10+
    Performance Test Engagement

  • 5 Performance Engineer

Augusta Performance Automation Framework

Performance Automation Framework

    Application performance Strategy plan Performance test scenarios document Performance test plan Captured web session Performance testing report Integration Automation in DevOps Training
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